A Saving Evangeline Bonus Scene “I’m hot.” I have the window down because Remi’s smoking. I glance in the side mirror, disheartened. My hair looks like I styled it with an eggbeater. “Quit nagging. And if you’d roll up the window, the air conditioner would work better.” “Well quit smoking.” “I’ll quit when you stop [...]

Loving Lili (Paranormal Romance #3)

Sigh. I wanted more of Luc and I'm thrilled we got to see more of him in this novella!!I always loved Luc and enjoyed seeing a different side of him with Lili. I adored them together, their chemistry, their banter and everything in between!!!Another well written story by this Author!—The Book Obsessed Momma Blog Buy [...]

Tempting Jo (Paranormal Romance #2)

Nancee Cain creates magic in the pages she writes: her angels are sinfully unangelic, her humans are downright flawed and completely relateable, her plots are impeccable, and her writing is genius. —Paranormal, Magic & Mischief Blog buy now Kiss app Forbidden love is hell... Confident and quirky, Jo Sanford thinks her boss is God's gift [...]

Remi & Evie Favorite Holidays

Saving Evangeline Bonus Scene #1 “What’s your favorite holiday? I’m guessing Halloween, Miss Gloom and Doom.” Remi lights a cigarette as we travel down boring stretch of highway. “Um, well, yeah. I love Halloween. It’s fun. And candy, what’s not to love?” He knows me well. Any holiday where one can hide behind a mask [...]