Remi & Evie Favorite Holidays

Saving Evangeline Bonus Scene #1

“What’s your favorite holiday? I’m guessing Halloween, Miss Gloom and Doom.” Remi lights a cigarette as we travel down boring stretch of highway.

“Um, well, yeah. I love Halloween. It’s fun. And candy, what’s not to love?” He knows me well. Any holiday where one can hide behind a mask seems pretty perfect to me. “So I guess yours would be the standard Christmas or Easter.” I stare at the handsome priest. I’d like to be his Christmas present.

“That would be the company line, but nah. Not my style.”

“If you say Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna puke.”

“Why? What’s wrong with a day that celebrates love? Don’t be so cynical. And there’s chocolate, you like chocolate.”

I roll my eyes. “It’s stupid. Okay, not Christmas, not Easter… I know! Father’s Day!” I laugh at my own joke and he chuckles.

“Good one, but no.”

“Okay, I give. What is your favorite holiday?”



“Because I’m thankful I met you, Crazy Girl.” His warm hand covers mine and gives it a squeeze.

A strange sensation floods me, one I haven’t felt in a long time. Happiness. I blink back my tears. Too soon, he releases my hand and returns his concentration to the road and hums along with the radio.

“Yeah, that’s a good holiday,” I admit softly. I look out the window and smile. I’m beginning to think I’m pretty thankful to have met him, too.

© Nancee Cain