The Rehabilitation of Angel Sinclair (Pine Bluff Book 3)

Nancee Cain The Rehabilitation of Angel Sinclair book cover

5 STARS In the third book of the Pine Bluff Series, Ms. Cain does an impeccable job of giving us wonderfully layered characters that I dare you to not fall for. This journey is yet another beautiful affirmation that none of us are the sum of our past mistakes. I adored every second of this read and it gave me all the feels. I have loved this series, but this book is by far my favorite. This is absolutely a must read. This is a series I will personally reread many times over. — The Book Avenue

Love—the hardest addiction to kick.

Angel Sinclair arrives in Pine Bluff, Alabama, determined to make amends for his past and move on. But that changes after a chance encounter with a beautiful inn owner, and instead he finds himself pursuing two things that haven’t been in his life for years: love and trust.

Still reeling from a bitter divorce, Maggie Robertson wants to focus on making her business a success. Getting involved with anyone in this gossipy little town is the farthest thing from her mind…until she finds herself tempted by a younger man.

Neither Angel nor Maggie can ignore the sizzling heat between them. But Angel’s secretive nature soon fills Maggie with doubts about the man she’s allowed into her heart.

Was she wrong to believe love could conquer all? Is their age difference an obstacle they can’t overcome?

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9976139-9-5

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9976139-8-8

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