A Saving Evangeline Bonus Scene “I’m hot.” I have the window down because Remi’s smoking. I glance in the side mirror, disheartened. My hair looks like I styled it with an eggbeater. “Quit nagging. And if you’d roll up the window, the air conditioner would work better.” “Well quit smoking.” “I’ll quit when you stop [...]

A Perfect Thanksgiving

A Pine Bluff Bonus Scene, The Redemption of Emma Devine #1 “Something’s supposed to pop out when it’s done.” Emma frowned, peering through the glass on the oven. “That sounds like a dirty Thanksgiving joke.” David leaned against the doorjamb, admiring Emma’s butt and thinking something else was ready to ‘pop out.’ Too bad his [...]

Matt & Sammie Cut Scene

A Pine Bluff Bonus Scene, The Reintroduction of Sammie Morgan #1 This was the original opening that was cut from the book. —Nancee Matt Tyler stared at the ground wishing he was anywhere but here. To his left, his mother-in-law wept against the shoulder of her husband. To his right, his father slumped in his [...]